Workshop on fine-tuning University Core Requirements curriculum in Chinese

To address societal needs and the fast-changing work environment, CUHK will launch the revised University Core Requirements curriculum in 2022–23. A workshop on Chinese across the curriculum on 20 June, jointly organised by the Chinese Language Teaching Development Centre of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and the Office of University General Education, allowed frontline teachers to summarise their teaching experience and clarify the future of the collaboration between the two units.

In the opening speech, Professor Poon Wai-yin, CUHK’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor, indicated that the reform of University Core Requirements curriculum is an important mission in the 2022–23 academic year. It depends on every unit of the University Core Requirements reconstructing its curriculum.

Professor Poon Wai-yin delivering the opening speech

In the second term of 2021–22, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and the Office of University General Education organised pilot Chinese classes across the curriculum, part of the General Education Foundation Programme’s In Dialogue with Humanity scheme. The pilot classes involved learning activities such as lectures and individual writing consultations, so students could enhance their ability to read and write academic essays in Chinese.

Held both offline and online, the workshop allowed teachers from these two units to share their experience in the pilot classes and to plan future collaboration on a larger scale. In attendance were also representatives from units such as the Yale-China Chinese Language Centre and the English Language Teaching Unit.

Online participants

Presentation topics include general theories of language acquisition, key teaching points of specific classic texts, and the performance of the In Dialogue with Humanity pilot classes.


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