Welcome to the sixth edition of CUHK in Focus.

In less than a week, this year’s cohort of secondary school graduates will collect the results of their university applications. As in previous years, CUHK has received an overwhelming number of applications for our undergraduate programmes. I would like to thank all applicants for their interest in furthering their studies CUHK. They have placed their trust in an institution that is committed to providing an education experience that fosters whole-person development and widens horizons. I cannot wait to welcome the new cohort to the CUHK family!

Where it all begins

Our freshmen will enjoy the unique experience of being assigned to one of our nine Colleges, through the one and only collegiate system among local universities. Our Colleges are distinct yet connected communities where students create fond memories and build lasting connections and friendships with their teachers, peers and alumni. Orientation, assemblies, college general education courses, community services, extracurricular activities, mentorship and training programmes, not to mention residential experience, cultivate confidence, interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity and inclusiveness, and nurture students to become socially responsible citizens. In fact, college life is often quoted as among the best experiences of our graduates, many of whom remain closely connected to their alma mater through their affiliated College.

We never stop adding vibrancy to our college life by expanding campus facilities. Just last month, United College received a generous donation of HK$50 million from the CKY Education Charitable Trust and the Choi Koon Shum Education Foundation Limited, enabling the College to build a new student hostel to accommodate more residential students. I was most delighted to witness the groundbreaking of Choi Kai Yau Residence, the fifth hostel of the United College, and would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr Johnathan Choi Koon-shum and Mrs Janice Choi Kwan Wing Kum for their support of the University in enriching student experience.

The CUHK United College Choi Kai Yau Residence Naming and Groundbreaking Ceremony was held last month

Cultural diversity

Our students will find themselves learning collaboratively at a truly global institution with peers hailing from over 50 countries, regions or cities, for CUHK is a treasure trove of high-calibre students from all over the world. While raising cross-cultural awareness is certainly crucial, we believe promoting a good understanding of one’s own nation and local society is an equally essential and meaningful task. Therefore, we provide local and non-local students alike a ‘glocal’ learning experience on campus with a variety of academic courses and extracurricular activities, with focus on the history, culture and contemporary development of Hong Kong society and our country, as well as exposure to international cultures, to give students a broad view of the world and human civilisation.

Comprehensive support for all-round development

Whole-person development is not a mere slogan at CUHK. We address student needs by providing so much more than academic support.

Readers will remember reading about the recent launch of our new Co-operative Education Programme (Co-op@CUHK), which will provide a pioneering, exciting platform for students to undertake work-integrated learning, thus enriching and supplementing their academic studies with real world work experience and preparing them for the career planning and future development.

The vibrant CUHK experience encompasses the intrapersonal, interpersonal and personal-societal dimensions of one’s growth. With student experience being one of the pillars of the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, we have devised a clear road map to ensure that our students are equipped with the skillset and toolbox to succeed in their careers and as responsible citizens in society at large.

New appointments

I am very pleased that four new appointments have commenced service this month, with a new College Head and a new College Master, a new Dean of Graduate Studies and a new Associate Vice-President starting in their roles on 1 August 2022.

Professor Stephen Heung-sang Wong succeeds Professor Jimmy Chai-mei Yu as Head of United College. Professor Yu is stepping down after completing a remarkable ten years in office. Throughout his tenure, Professor Yu has presided over major new developments at United College, and the end of his tenure coincides with the recent groundbreaking ceremony for the Choi Kai Yau Residence and United’s 65th anniversary celebrations. My sincere thanks to Professor Yu and warm congratulations to Professor Heung as he commences his initial four-year appointment.

Professor Vincent Chung-tong Mok has also been appointed as new Master of S.H. Ho College and will succeed Professor Wong Wing-shing who will be stepping down after four years in service. Professor Wong has steered S.H. Ho College through an important chapter in its 16-year history to see it emerge as a strong pillar of college life at CUHK. My deep appreciation to Professor Wong and best wishes to Professor Mok as he takes up his appointment.

Professor Anthony Man-cho So has been appointed for a three-year term as Dean of Graduate School and succeeds Professor Shaw Pang-chui who has been acting in the role. Professor So has strong ambitions to strengthen CUHK as a global centre of excellence for graduate students.

Head of New Asia College Professor Hector Sun-on Chan will take up a new concurrent appointment as Associate Vice-President (Education) and provide support to Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor Isabella Wai-yin Poon in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning at the University.  He will play an active part in strengthening entrepreneurship in education as well as ensuring CUHK remains a destination of choice for high-quality students. As Associate Vice-President and Head of New Asia College, Professor Chan will help further develop the unique collegiate education system that distinguishes CUHK from its peers.

Lastly, I would like to express my thanks to Professor Wong Suk-ying who has completed her appointment as Associate Vice-President (Student Recruitment). Professor Wong will continue her role as Master of C.W. Chu College and Professor of Sociology. I am deeply grateful to her contributions as Associate Vice-President and her tireless advocacy for internationalisation and the recruitment of outstanding students to CUHK.

I look forward to sharing more CUHK stories with you next time.

Best wishes,

Professor Rocky S. Tuan
Vice-Chancellor and President
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


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