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The second partnership steering committee meeting between CUHK and Zhejiang University was held on 11 May for a discussion of existing and future bilateral cooperation between the two universities. The meeting marked the establishment of The Chinese University of Hong Kong-Zhejiang University Joint Research Center for Digital Economy that serves to foster the development of digital economy with multidisciplinary advancement and innovative breakthroughs. The meeting and the inaugural ceremony were held in hybrid mode at CUHK and Zhejiang University.

An overview of and prospects for the Joint Research Center and the existing cooperation plan were discussed during the meeting, including CUHK-Zhejiang University Joint Laboratory for Advanced Photonics Research, and the joint postgraduate training programme between the International Business School of Zhejiang University and CUHK’s Faculty of Engineering. Representatives from the two universities renewed a Memorandum of Understanding on the student exchange programme and signed a framework agreement for establishment of the Joint Research Center.

The meeting was attended by CUHK representatives including Prof. Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor; Prof. Chan Wai-yee and Prof. Sham Mai-har, Pro-Vice-Chancellors; Prof. Chiu Chi-yue, Dean of the Faculty of Social Science; Prof. Tsang Hon-ki, Associate Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Engineering and Co-Director of the Joint Laboratory for Advanced Photonics Research; Prof. Lee Tan, Associate Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Engineering; Prof. Kwong Kai-sun Sunny, Chairman of the Department of Economics; Prof. Chan Chun-kwong, Programme Director of the Master of Science Programme in Financial Technology; Prof. Song Zheng Michael, Co-Director of the Joint Research Center; and Ms. Wong Wing, Director of the China Engagement Office. Representatives from Zhejiang University included Prof. Wu Zhaohui, President and IEEE Fellow; Prof. He Lianzhen, Vice President; Prof. Wang Miaojun, Co-Director of the Joint Research Center; Prof. Dai Daoxin, Dean of the College of Optical Science and Engineering and Co-Director of the Joint Laboratory for Advanced Photonics Research; Prof. Ben Shenglin, Dean of the International Business School; Prof. Li Min, Director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office; and Ms. Liu Zhengyi, Deputy Director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office.

Professor Tuan said at the ceremony, ‘With Zhejiang University as one of the key partners of CUHK in mainland China, the joint research center works to further strengthen the network of partners we have built in recent years. The joint research centre takes digital economy as the core driver for development and the practice of digital transformation in China as the research context, to explore the developing trend and theoretical frontier of digital economy, so as to achieve results with a global impact. The center will provide opportunities for cooperation to scholars from CUHK, Zhejiang University and around the world, and cultivate top-notch research talent to promote the development of digital economy and regional integration.’  

Professor Wu, President of Zhejiang University said, ‘Congratulations to Professor Tuan on his reappointment as Vice-Chancellor of CUHK. The two universities have been synthesising the exchange of achievement in teaching and research and fostering new growth drivers, without a single drawback from the recent pandemic. We envisage, by pulling together knowledge and economic resources from the two universities, strengthening exchanges between teaching personnel, and a focused work plan, we can effectively explore the potential for cooperation and give a full play to regional advantages while seizing new opportunities brought by the new technological revolution and industrial transformation. Digital revolution will lead the economy and society into high-quality development and make greater contributions to national and global prosperity.’


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