Dipping into the tech-powered Greater Bay Area

The first cohort of students taking the interdisciplinary data analytics and X double major were making a trip to the Greater Bay Area from 20 to 23 May.

Co-run by CUHK and its Shenzhen campus, the interdisciplinary data analytics and X double major straddles business, engineering and science, emphasising real life application of big data and business analytics for innovation and development.

The field trip, as part of the programme curriculum and organised by the Office of Co-operative Education Programme, allowed students to explore the Greater Bay Area’s dynamic ecosystem, develop essential skillsets for the ever-evolving marketplace and understand the nuances of the region’s cultures, as well as bonding with each other.

The trip started with a visit to China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, a new hub jointly developed by China and Singapore for knowledge generation, talent incubation, and innovation and technology development in the region. Students explored three institutions in the City, including Guangzhou Inbot Technology Limited, Huangpu Robot Research Institution, and Guangzhou Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Innovation Centre, where they got to witness their cutting-edge technologies and got a glimpse into Guangzhou’s technological prowess.

Given the strong potential of the healthcare sector in the region, students were calling on Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center, the first medical centre offering proton therapy in the region. Their state-of-the-art medical technology and compassionate patient care left a deep impression on all.

Students also gained better understanding of Chinese e-commerce industry through visiting the headquarters of, one of the largest global e-commerce platforms in Guangzhou. “The innovative marketing strategies of are what cement their stature as one of the world’s largest brands,“ Yoyo Wong Wun-yiu from CUHK said.

The headquarters of Midea Group in Foshan was another site they visited, where they learned about its history and operation. Students were subsequently taken on a plant tour in Guangzhou, where they observed its manufacturing processes.

“The Midea factory’s production procedure is incredibly rigorous, taking advantage of AI for quality control and machinery life prediction. I’ve never known such technology before,” said Ethan Hui Hoi-ming from CUHK.

Professor Poon Wai-yin (2nd left) at Midea Group headquarters

Professor Poon Wai-yin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education), was accompanying students on their visit to Midea and in the closing dinner. Students were inspired by her guidance and support, while she was amazed by their passion and enthusiasm in both academic and professional pursuits.

The field trip closed with the visit to Melco, one of the largest developers and operators of integrated resort facilities in Asia. Students was shown how data analytics is applied in the resorts and entertainment industry.

“I was astonished by the application of deep data mining and analytics in an industry where luck seems to be the only factor at play. It strengthens my resolve to dig into data analytics and gives cues on my future career path,” remarked Owen Zheng Hang from CUHK-Shenzhen.

Robert Jiang Yanze from CUHK-Shenzhen said that the trip helped him get closer with his fellow classmates: “Not only does the trip give me insights into the development of the Greater Bay Area and my future career path, but it also brings all interdisciplinary data analytics majors closer and allows us to get connected.”

With students’ support for each other, and backing from the programme as well as the University’s Co-operative Education Programme, all interdisciplinary data analytics majors are steeled for the upcoming transformative journey.



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