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CUHK confers five Honorary Fellowships

The University held its Twentieth Honorary Fellowship Presentation Ceremony on 16 May. Five distinguished persons were appointed Honorary Fellows for their sterling professional achievements and outstanding contributions to the University and the community.

Prof. Cheng Chuen-hon Arthur, a leading exploration geophysicist, has developed brain network models that extract signals from real data for reconstructing shale formations. The technology is much in demand, from charting underground oil or gas reservoirs to planning tunnels for trains. After completing high school in Hong Kong in 1969, Professor Cheng went to Cornell and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for undergraduate and doctoral studies respectively, becoming subsequently a principal research scientist in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT, where he headed a research consortium until 1996. He then moved into the commercial world, where he spent almost 20 years working with different companies in a variety of roles before returning to academic life with an appointment at the National University of Singapore, then an adjunct professorship at CUHK’s Earth System Science Programme. In recognition of his professional advancements and support for students, he was awarded a life membership in 2013 and an Honorary Membership Award in 2021 from the Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

Mr. Lam Wai-hung Enders, co-founder of Time Industrial Manufactory Limited, is an alumnus of United College. Graduating as a marketing major in 1987, Mr. Lam co-founded his company in the nineties, which enjoys a clientele from all corners of the world. He is chairman of the Watches and Clocks Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and vice-chairperson of the Watch and Clock Industry Training Advisory Committee of the Education Bureau, where he empowers and advances the industry while advocating for vocational training. For his contributions to the sector, he was made Fellow of Management and Business Administration and Honorary Fellow at the Professional Validation Council of Hong Kong Industries. As much as Mr. Lam puts his heart and soul into his flourishing career, his alma mater is always on his mind—he has been a frequent donor to the United College’s mentorship programme and alumni and college service scholarships. He has also been an active player in University affairs, where he became a member of the University Council, chairman of the Convocation and member of the United College Board of Trustees. He is now a member of the Governing Board of CUHK-Shenzhen.

Mr. Li Kwok-sing Aubrey is non-executive director of The Bank of East Asia, founder and chairman of IAM Family Office Limited (formerly IAM Holdings (Hong Kong)), and chairman of the Advisory Board of MCL Financial Group. Mr. Li has amassed over 40 years of experience in the financial sector. He was managing director of N M Rothschild & Sons in Hong Kong, vice-chairman of the Asia Pacific Region of S G Warburg & Co. (now UBS), and non-executive director of a number of listed companies in Hong Kong. His father, the late Dr. Li Fook-wo, had a longtime relationship with CUHK, serving as a member and chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chung Chi College and a member of the University Council. Mr. Aubrey Li has also forged a deep-rooted relationship with the University: in 1991, he joined the Chung Chi College Board of Trustees, and later served as chairman of the College Board and member of the University Council. In 2021, Mr. Aubrey Li and his family members generously funded the establishment of the Fook Wo and Laura Jee Li Theatre on the Chung Chi campus to diversify the artistic and cultural palette of the University community.

Prof. Wong Nai-ching Henry is an alumnus of CUHK. After graduating from the University, he pursued further studies at University College London and Harvard University. In 1983, he came back to CUHK and joined its Department of Chemistry. During his time at CUHK, he has served as Department chair, head of New Asia College, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University and dean of the Faculty of Science. When he retired in 2018, he was made Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and continued to serve the Department as a research professor. He is now the X.Q. Deng Presidential Chair Professor at CUHK (SZ) and holds visiting and honorary professorships at various higher educational institutions in mainland China. Professor Wong’s research interests include synthetic methodology, synthesis of non-natural molecules, and the total synthesis of naturally occurring molecules. He verified Hückel’s rule by experiment, broadening inquiry into iron-catalysed cross-coupling reactions. His discoveries have brought him numerous honours, including Second Prize of China’s State Natural Science Award and the Croucher Senior Research Fellowship, and he was elected member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fellow of The World Academy of Sciences for the advancement of science in developing countries, and founding member of the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences. He was appointed head of New Asia College twice, being at the helm for a total of 15 years—a tenure second only to that of Prof. Ch’ien Mu, the College’s Founding President.

Ms Yu Chui-yee is a Hong Kong paralympian and an alumna of Chung Chi College. She was diagnosed with bone cancer at age 11, and had her left leg amputated and fitted for a prosthesis. At 16, she joined the Hong Kong Sports Association for the Physically Disabled. At first she took swimming lessons, but later became a wheelchair fencer. She began to represent Hong Kong in world competitions in 2001. In 2004, still a secondary school student, she set off for the Athens Paralympics. There she won four gold medals in women’s individual and team foil and épée competitions. She has taken part in four Paralympic Games and bagged a total of seven golds, three silver, and one bronze, making her the local athlete to have won the most golds at Paralympics, for which she was affectionately hailed the queen of fencing. After the Athens Paralympic Games, Ms Yu went to CUHK for undergraduate study under the University’s Sports Scholarship Scheme. She juggled the demands of studying and training, and in 2010, she obtained a master’s in sports studies. She was the recipient of various honours, including Hong Kong Sports Stars Award, Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award, Medal of Honour and Bronze Bauhinia Star. She was also appointed chair of the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation Wheelchair Fencing Athlete Council, setting an example for all athletes and youngsters in Hong Kong.


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